Billing Support

Billing Support

In order to ensure that you continue to have the best of services, in whichever sphere you require it, during your stay at our hospital, K.M.C Hospital is proud to provide the services of our team of financial Coordinators. The financial coordinator will explain in detail the financial aspects of your billing and will answer any questions you may have. Even before you begin your journey, our financial coordinators will prepare and submit an estimate of all your scheduled appointments. On receipt of this estimate, and on arrival, we request that you make arrangements to have the amount deposited, in full.

If paying with the help of your insurance provider, we request you to check with our billing support / international coordinator, whether your particular insurance company is on our panel of companies that we accept. On confirmation that your provider is on our list of acceptable insurance companies, we will require the details of your policy and the medical services that will be covered under the policy. We will then require approval / confirmation from your insurance provider for the procedure / medical services to be provided. In case of any co-payment clause, such payments have to be deposited in full, in advance.

  1. Currency (Local or acceptable foreign currencies. We request you to check with your international coordinator whether the currency from your country is on our list of acceptable currencies.
  2. Credit Card (all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard are acceptable).
  3. Insurance (refer paragraph on Insurance for details).
  4. Wire transfer of funds (your international coordinator can provide you with the routing details of our bank to enable you to make the wire transfer of funds from your account, to make payment on your estimated bill).

From K.M.C Hospital we will do our very best to provide all support with your billing process, but for this process to operate smoothly and efficiently, it is equally important that you are aware of all the medical services that your insurance provider will cover under the policy you are covered under. Your insurance company will make the final decision on which medical services are covered and which are not. At the time of scheduling your appointment, we will require the name of your insurance company and policy number, together with the patient’s name and contact information. Please have this information ready before you call our international coordinator.

In case you do need to cancel your appointment we request you to contact our international concierge services at least five business days in advance, prior to the date of your scheduled visit.

We Provide the highest level of satisfaction care & services to our patients.