KMC Overview

Leading Multi-Speciality Hospital

K.M.C Hospital is a leading, multi-specialty hospital offering best-in-class medical services. With paramount focus on patient care, patient safety and patient satisfaction, we are committed to offer exemplary medical services going beyond the norm of healthcare.

Keeping with our vision, as an institution, we believe in empathy, human care, medical expertise and being social conscious.

Over the past two decades K.M.C Hospital has been delivering world-class medical care in adherence to global standards and benchmarks across all specialities and subspecialties of medicine and surgery.

Our Vision

Every one including people in small towns and villages have access to highest health care facility.

Our Mission

To provide affordable, accessible health care nearest to patients dwelling.


R: Reliable

E: Ethical

E: Excellance

C: Consistancy

H: Heartfelt care

Our Values

  • Always looking to make our operations more efficient
  • Exploring innovative and smart ways of reducing costs, without compromising on quality
  • Knowing what is happening in the outside world, so we can implement practices that will make us more efficient
  • Driving efforts to make small improvements in our daily work
  • Focusing on self-improvement to deliver better outcomes in everything we do
  • Encouraging people to share ideas that can improve our service quality
  • Greeting each patient with a smile and in a friendly manner
  • Doing our best to make every patient feel at home
  • Understanding each individual is unique needs and have to be helped accordingly
  • Striving to satisfy all the needs, big or small of our patients
  • Being honest and trustworthy all the time
  • Maintaining confidentiality and protecting patient information
  • Prescribing only what is required for the patient in terms of treatment and medication
  • Being fully transparent in dealings with all
  • Listening to each patient to understand their situation and feelings
  • Making sure the families of patients are comfortable and have sufficient information
  • Considering each one the same, not giving preference to anyone
  • Being friendly and approachable with patients and their families
  • Taking ownership for our success
  • Meeting all commitments made to patients, doctors, our colleagues and all other stakeholders
  • Learning from mistakes and not blaming others when things go wrong
  • Delivering safe patient care in a timely and efficient manner
  • Doing whatever it takes whether it is a part of the job or not
  • Questioning colleagues when they do not deliver on what they are supposed to
  • Going the extra mile to offer a great patient experience
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve service levels at our hospitals
  • Looking at every customer touch point and making things better
  • Being responsive to customer feedback

Years of Experience


Medical Specialties


Modern Rooms


Happy Patients

Why People Choose Us?

K.M.C Hospital offer the very best treatments which science allows, to give you the hope of your health. But when we welcome you as a patient, your care is our utmost priority. When you come to us for help, you will find that you’re never ‘just a patient’ to us.

We nurture the vision of turning distant medical possibilities into today’s realities and are committed to deliver health aspirations of the Global citizens.

We embrace high precision technologies for giving you a world class healthcare experience. We also bring non-invasive treatments wherever possible, that go beyond cutting edge.

Our exceptional medical expertise is matched by our commitment to personalized care. Sharing our medical expertise to improve health of patients worldwide is ingrained in our values and DNA.

We measure our progress by the number of people in whom we restore the hope of a healthy tomorrow. We are committed to deliver your health aspirations.

Our International Patient Care Program offers special services for patients & families coming from around the globe. We are dedicated to meet the needs and requirements of you and your family.

Streamlined processes, unparalleled simplicity that deliver exceptional, advanced care. Providing global access to advanced healthcare.