• Admission to the hospital are under two circumstances
  • Elective : The admission could be because your attending physician has advised you to do so.
  • Emergent : When a patient is in the emergency room due to the serious nature of their disorder or due to life-threatening conditions.

Admission to the hospital are under two circumstances

Advance registrations / admissions are a viable option. The registration form will require the following details –

  • Your name and address
  • Health insurance details
  • An emergency contact
  • Treatment consent
  • Consent to release information to insurance company mentioned
  • Signature of agreement, consenting payments that are due

Elements you will require for a seamless healthcare experience

  • Your hospital records, test reports (old/ recent), list of medications taken
  • List of allergy to medications, if any
  • Medical summaries or hospital stays, recent in nature, if any
  • Your insurance card
  • Change of clothes, toiletries, nightwear, slippers, eyeglass / hearing aid / dentures (if using) and any prescription medications taken regularly

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