Our patients and guests will experience the best levels of service at any of our campuses. In keeping with the quality of our services, our in-patient services are equally unrivalled. Our patient rooms are designed to provide unmatched comfort and pleasantness. All our rooms are designed to be soothing and comfortable.

Our Private Patient rooms, Special Wards, Suites include :

  • Spacious rooms with ample storage space
  • Bathrooms
  • Sufficient space for visitors
  • A daybed for accompanying attendant
  • Cable Television
  • Soothing colors
  • Specially designed rooms for Orthopedic and Geriatric patients
  • Valet parking and parking space
  • Full service cafeteria with patient menus, customizable to preferences
  • Coffee Shop “Cafe” with coffee and sandwiches
  • Separate pharmacy for in-patients

Private rooms will be provided if available. In the event at the time of admission a private room is unavailable we will make every effort to subsequently transfer the patient to a private room, based on availability.

Hospital cafeteria provides well-balanced, wholesome and nourishing meals as this is an integral part of the treatment and recovery process. Delicious and nutritious meals served are prepared fresh every day by the in-house kitchen staff. Patients can order their meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from menus provided. If the patient is on a special diet as prescribed by the doctor, then the patient will receive a menu tailored to their dietary requirements.

Television sets are provided for each patient. In order to preserve the comfort of other patients in the adjacent rooms, on the floor, TV volumes are requested to be kept low.

We also offer interpreter services for those who have difficulty in communicating in the local language, to relay messages or to understand any communication from our medical / non-medical staff.

We Provide the highest level of satisfaction care & services to our patients.