Medical Records

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Medical Records

Historical medical data of all our patients are maintained in electronic form and copies are available on request. The medical record of each patient is an individual document, chronicling the medical treatment given, both past and current, the past and present health of the patient, and treatment plans for the future health care of the patient. Delivering your medical records is an integral part of our health care regime and processes and procedures have been implemented to facilitate the delivery of continuous and coordinated medical care.

  • Medical reports will carry any one or more of a patient’s medical history, pathological results, radiology, lab and / or operative reports
  • Laboratory reports and other studies will be provided
  • All in-patient discharge summaries, emergency department visits, health nursing reports, physiotherapy reports will be provided
  • All patients’ medical records are stored electronically and can be retrieved with ease, with the provision of the patient’s MRD number
  • All the medical records are securely maintained with access provided only to the authorized personnel
  • If radiology images or photos are required, we request you to contact the radiology department as the data will be available with them
  • K.M.C Hospital participates in maintaining the security of your health information exchange and we safely share the information with other members of your care team, so as to benefit you in every way

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